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Windy day in the tropics

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  Windy day in the tropics along with heatwaves is the perfect weather mixture 🙂 I love Florida weather, especially when we get those windy days. I wish it was SPRING all the time here. But then if it was the same weather every time we probably would not appreciate it the same.Yesterday was a rare but deliciously windy afternoon, actually it only lasted like 20 minutes but it was a breath of fresh air.  The kids always get afraid of a hurricane approaching though. Thank God we have had very good luck with the hurricane season.   Strong winds like this is definately better by a long shot. You know what they say ” take a picture and it would last longer” a snap shot looks good for longer but a video will make me feel like I’m there.  I just couldn’t download my video for some reason.  Apparently it was the beginning of a cold front and today is a day long repeat of yesterday but instead of the winds we got cool air. NOW, this is what I moved out here for.I dont know why these winds always bring me back to the winters in New York.  one winter when I was 15 and being as skinny as I was, I was no match for those winds, I remember having to hold on to the light post because they were literally blowing me off my feet:) that is funny now but scary then. LOL. Anyway,

we’ve been talking about taking the kids camping again for the weekend and we need to do it before the hot weather comes in again, because this is the perfect weather for a camping Staycation.

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