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Awesome to meet you, and Welcome to   My Story          

Hi my name is Norma, I was born in Puerto Rico & raised in N.Y.  I’m a 51 yr old Born-again christian, I have 3 grown kids and 6 grand babies. Since a young girl I’ve had my physical & normal challenges but always been a people person & ambitious.  Being a Grandma is challenging but it keeps me busy & I love it, I am not ready to get to that retired age  because I haven’t achieved many dreams 🙂 (and one is to be around these kids to see their parenting skills 🙂  ( I’m almost at that age but, you know what they say, age is only a number) when you become a mom at a young age some dreams get pushed back, but I love my kids and they are my gifts from God.  I think THEY ARE my story, I was raised hearing ” you’re a mother first” from my mom for as long as I can remember. She was a single mom raising us and we were mothers helpers and my and brother was the only boy and youngest but very protective of us girls. He did NOT like being the youngest though.   I guess thats where my worry geans come from.  I have made myself available to my family & their needs for so long  I don’t really know how to relax, but I am learning to. Everyone says its as easy as saying “NO”.  Times are bad economically, so yes I am a THRIFTER and I haven’t returned to work since my injury.  My friends tell me I’ve been deserving and should be living my life or at least taking it easy but I continue to struggle with the everyday challenges because I tend to put the needs of others ( my family mainly) before mine. This is why I’m so into the time out, vacationing and spending time to unstress and enjoy my kids.  One day I’d like to get away just me & my husband I don’t admit it to him but yes, I do need a timeout, I always need to arrange budgets so we will be able to enjoy our getaways and family recreation time rather than worry about our finances and (# 1 stress) make sure the bills are paid first.  That’s why I like to search for inexpensive ways to go away. I used to work as a consierge back home in New York City for many years and I love searching for hot spots and night life (ok not that one anymore) but I look into affordable family getaways and things to do while we’re away etc, and our favorite place to vacation is in Orlando) Although I’d like to get away alone just us two, I really enjoy it  when we have our kids and/or grandkids with us. So if I can find any tips for you, on your next family quality time, occational celebrations, places to rest your head while on vacation (I will be posting some of our favorite resorts that we have stayed in) so come visit me once in a while for a tip or if u have any tips for me send me a link to it and I will post it here. Thank You.