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Moving to Florida was a hard decision but, I am glad I gave it a chance.  I have been here now for almost as long as I was in my home back in New York.   I have to admit I am not thrilled about the hot weather, and the winters are very short. But I love the tranquility and the scenery.   The Orlando Vacations are one of the best things about Florida that our kids love.  We can take yearly road trips to our favorite happy  place and not have to travel so far, I’m a Disney fan now.

I also like gardening, driving alone in a car ( well,  not much chance of that happening since the car is usually full of kids most of the times:) but more private than the trains.   I went home to visit and if it wasn’t for my girlfriends back home I would not have wanted to stay another day.   Don’t get me wrong, I still love New York but I was actually home sick and that is when I realized Florida is home now.   Funny it’s like I had a love affair and was unfaithful to Florida 🙂

when I came back home to Florida I realized this was home. I wanted my move to Florida to be another step forward in my life and it has been. I have never traveled any where else so I don’t know other countries except for Puerto Rico.  But learning that Florida has a lot of history is exciting and it begins in  St. Augustine.  I love historical sites and museums and I was told how beautiful it is and I would love it.

No place is going to be completely perfect but Florida has tipped the scale on that decision for me.  My oldest wasnt happy with the move but thats why they say if your going to make a decision to move to another state its good to do it while the kids are still young.  Florida is now home to them as well.

I thought and made a specific time goal to myself to make that decision by the time I was 30 years old, and a childhood friend that lived out here talked to me about living in florida.   My Doctor recommended it and with the spiritual guidance of my church, which made my decision so much easier, I was good to go.

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