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     I’m probably one of the few floridians that didn’t know this enteresting and absolutely beautiful nature sites in a few florida spots, I really indulge myself with nature and creation so I appreciate learning of such places as these. I read in this article that such places are called the FLORIDA SPRINGS, They refer to them as “WATERING HOLES”…  Thousands of years ago, when florida emerged from the sea the porous limestone trapped vast quantities of water, over the years the rock dissolved as the rains and remnants of the ancient ocean collected in what would become giant subteranean reservoirs.
     In some places where the Earth’s crust is thin the water bubbled to the surface in the form of more than 600 fresh WATER-SPRINGS, some are small barely noticeable, while others are big enough to feed a major river. Some say its amazing springs brought the first explorers to florida. Legend has it that spanish conquistador Juan Ponce De Leon came here in search of the fountain of youth. He might not have found it but ask any Floridian and they will tell you that on a hot summer’s day, taking a dip in any of these fresh water springs will make you feel young again.

     Back in the 1800’s the state’s first towns popped up around the most popular watering spots, including SILVER SPRINGS near Ocala, GREEN COVE SPRINGS near Jacksonville and DeLeon SPRINGS southeast of Daytona Beach. I hear Manatee’s share the occational desire to swim in the fresh waters and they travel from the coast to enjoy the cool temperatures.  Visit ( )

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