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Vitamin tips from A-K

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Vitamin Packaging
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 We can get enough vitamin D from 10-20 minutes of sun 3 times a week. not enough D makes us at a higher risk of bone loss causing osteoporosis & D fights certain cancers in men & woman.

I like prevention Medicine and the protection certain vitamins offer our bodies to prevent us from certain health issues. I am a firm believer of them. Both me and my husband have had our health issues but I feel much could of been avoided if we would of been more educated about prevention, vitamin and healthy diets.  I kept a vitamin article in my computer knowing that I eventually would want to read it when I have more time, I guess this was a good a time as any. I went to see my doctor and they checked to see how was my B-12 level was because I was feeling so week and no energy, I never knew about B-12 having anything to do with my energy level or paid attention to that possibility. I also did not know B-12 helps to alleviate depression, mental health and neurological problems among other things. C helps stomach disorders and skin problems, I just always took it for preventing colds and flu but I hear you can better get that from fresh fruits. I thought the lozengers were good however the sugar in these remedies weaken our immune system.

this is a very educational article about Vitamins that I wish I hadn’t overlooked, but better later than never. Whenever I go on vacation the first thing I pack so I don’t forget, is my first aid kit including sunscreen for all of us (for my hair included) medicines, vitamins and hats. There is nothing worst then having someone get sick on a family getaway:) so have many happy and HEALTHY memories. I have always been a firm believer in vitamins but now I see them in a new perspective.Vitamin World

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