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The Original Coopertown Airboats

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The Original Coopertown Airboats

My husband and I went to the Cluewston Festival in Lake Okechobee a few years ago. We just stopped by to check it out because we were doing home shopping and checking out Floridas beautiful towns and countys, I remember there were some friendly people and it was like a country inviroment so I felt confortable, my husband has this thing about always wanting me to taste what he’s having, sometimes its annoying but other times I do it because I know what it is.

He was eating something that looked like fries and I love fries so I did not mind tasting it…than he showed me the sign of the delicasy I wanted to kill him it was Gator Fritters? (Gator Tails) & Swamp Cabbage but he’s lucky it tasted ok:) you know… it did taste like CHICKEN but now that I knew what it was I did not want anymore. But if you are an experimentor with foods and you would not mind trying it go for it, it does taste like chicken. I am just not into trying different foods. My husband would like to check this place out this place its more into his alley.

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