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She is a sharp whip of a sportsman.

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Today I started the day with a refreshing morning old newspaper reading, as I was throwing out the paper I caught myself reading about a 93 year old women playing golf, this women is an insperation and reminder of the benefits we can get from sports. She plays every week,  And she also has been playing tennis for more than 80 years.  My mom played tennis alot in her days but stopped when we were young, you know being a single parent of three for many years is a full hand. Helen says she likes it to keep active and give people a run for thier money ๐Ÿ™‚ anyway this 80 year old woman & her golf game is said to be better than most golf players in this womens group organization they say Helen is a whip, smart and sharp for her age. Amazing! thats where I want to be when I am that age. We all heard the saying “if you do not use it, you loose it”.  If I could do it over again I would have really focused on sports activity for my kids.  One of them did football for a season but it did not stick,  guess it’s better when you start them young.
     So hats to you Ms .Helen and sports fans everywhere. Whether fanatics or just enjoy the game.  And thank you players for your sportsmanship. I like to watch the teams especially when they have and play with good sportsmanship.   I guess its safe to say that I am a different kind of sports fan, I like sports for what it stands for, it definately is entertaining and exciting (except for when people make too much excitement out of it & turn it into a boxing match)   also it has alot to do with not knowing the rules of these different sports ๐Ÿ™‚ although the intensity of them catch my eye every so often.  My X-husband was in the golden gloves for many years so we watched alot of boxing, he never took me to a match because he knew I did not want to see anyone get badly beaten up.  My now husband is a sports fan also of boxing/wrestling, basketball, football & loves baseball.
          I appreciate sports because they keep our children healthy, out of trouble, keep up grades and our elders healthy & active. So I guess you would say that sports is another source in the secret to youth.

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