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Sesame street safari of Fun

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A theme park I have recently heard about designed the for the little ones is in Busch Tampa  Sesame Street of Fun opened on march 2010 and it sounds like alot of fun, my big 7 year old is into the big boy hero’s but the little ones are afraid of these rides and won’t get on any rides so this will be something to look forward to when we go to our vacations in orlando, the drive to tampa from our hotel area should be fun because we will be siteseeing on the way. Busch Gardens in tampa is a favorite but we havent visited for awhile eighter.
     The Safari activities match with their African theme of the park and the main character is Grover (which to me is like a little super hero of the Sesame Street Gang) Air Grover is the name of the Junior coaster size and parents can ride with thier children, with 16 passengers allowed and navigated by Grover in the front seat and a camel in the back end.
     My grandaughters got me to ride a junior coaster when we took them as kids and I was glad I wasnt the only granma taking that ride, the lady in front of me was too and it made me feel a bit better that both our grandkids were excited to have us with them they get such a kick out of it and even though we feel funny doing it we can always say “it’s for the kids” but we had a fun ride I think we made it more fun for them because we were reacting to it more than they were as far as hummmmm Surprised?
     There is another new one called Burt and Ernie’s watering hole, these rides are probably not new but they are to me because I recently heard of them, anyway this is a colorful water-play area so pack up the swimsuits for the kiddies it has stream jets and bubblers and the parents can sit this one out and not get wet by sitting in an where they can relax and abserve from close.
     In the land of the dragons a few carnival style rides have been redone and made into kooky muppets.

There is a Pavillion where your kids can have breakfast or lunch with the characters and the menu is a buffet style meal.

Update: Busch's Sesame Street Safari of Fun to open March 27 with splash areas, a new ride and character breakfasts | Parenting tips blog for Tampa Bay Moms: Whoa! Momma | & St. Petersburg Times

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