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    1. Meditation is used widely by doctors to treat anxiety

      MEDITATION-  Dont stress it.  Always look at stress as someone has it worse than you because usually thats the case.  We sometimes stress over everything. This was the cause of one of my Great Great Aunts, she worried about everything and everyone in the family.  I heard that people actually die from a broken heart, that sounds like a stressed heart to me. Stress has been proven to be another silent killer.  So when that neurologist told me to try to life a stress-less life although I said thats impossible, I do my best to do just that.  This is why vacations is a must.  The meditation method for relaxation is a misunderstood procedure but one we should all practice for a healthier mental well- being.


      biofeedback is used to prevent conditions like migraines & chronic pain.
      Biofeedback is used to prevent conditions like migraines & chronic pain.

      This is a body-mind altering your bodily functions like your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, sweating and even brain activity. This therapy is used to disrupt those signals. However the  therapy requires training from a biofeedback specialist ( usually a psycologist ) you cant take one of them along on your vacations, But you can have the next technique done while on vacation.

    3. massage therapy is  embraced as an alternative medical treatment
      massage therapy is embraced as an alternative medical treatment

      MESSAGE- AHHH! the old faithful favorite. We know stress builds tension and tightness on the neck, shoulders and back.  Message therapist alliviates your stressed worned out (disney walking with the kids ) bodies with their hands,  fingers and even elbows to release that tension from your muscles, tendons and soft tissue. Just thinking about it is relaxing 🙂

      Though there are many more ways to relax, my very favorite relaxing therapy is to just get away on and leave it all behind, it’ll be here when I get back, I just need a break. and before I go, I make sure this will be a stress-less 7 day pause relaxation, I work on clearing my mind from any drama and putting on my fun mode. make sure all the bills are paid, calls are made, leave everything as clean as possible so you can relax from a relaxing vacation 🙂  At the end of the day, the truth is that the more rest and happy we are the better and more productive we are at work and home.

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