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Punta Gorta’s waterfront

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Florida is full of these cities & towns that have their own little history and PUNTA GORDA doesn’t stay behind, in August 2004 Hurricaine Charley took alot of this small town. Known for their beautiful beaches and legendary resort Islands as Sanibel, Captiva and Gasparilla, the newest surprise will be that though the town is 120 years old it looks new because it has been reborn since Charley slammed through it with 145 mph winds. Homes and Businesses have restored and two new Hotels the Wyvern Hotel has a gorgeous view of the harbour and 63 rooms and popular restauraunt that is already a hit. But among other places to visit if you are a vintage car show lover you may not want to miss The shiny vintage cars, most are chevrolets from the 1930’s. check out this other florida’s hidden treasure.

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