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Magnesium Citrate, affective in the age process?

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Magnesium Citrate is found to be affective in more than 600 reactions in our bodies. 

I had no idea this mineral supports so much in our bodies like muscle movements, nervous system regulation, helps repair DNA & RNA

I wish I knew of this before but better later than never right?  Magnesium also;

fights inflammation in the body.  Low levels of magnesium is linked to chronic inflammation, which is one of the drivers of aging ,  obesity and chronic diseases studies have shown that low Mg levels in your body is a cause of migraines, so a good level of it prevents migraines

In one study children with the lowest blood levels of Mg in the blood were found to have the highest levels of the inflammatory marker CRP. (that probably is why kids get their migraines, aside from hereditary.  A couple of my grandkids already suffer from it also)

helps lessen the PMS Symptoms. So eat high magnesium foods and supplements like Fish, and Spinach among others in the list in the 10 Benefits of Magnesium by Authority Nutrition plus Magnesium lowers blood pressure.


This metallic element is effective against diabetes type 2 (unfortunately in my family trait)another good one, it also helps in fighting depression 🙂 (which is the side affects of some medications)

boost exercise performance, HELPS CONVERT FOOD INTO ENERGY (who doesn’t want to know about THAT) and helps create new protein from amino acid.

Great for the health of our bones and teeth, Muscle function, immune system to say the least.  I like alternatives and holistic medicine especially when you have to take prescription medication.  So eating right, taking the right supplements and doing the right exercises will help prevent alot of these diseases.

Happy and Healthy = BLESSED and we deserve to feel our best to keep up with the kids on Family Vacations and Roadtrips and know we’re taking care of health business as we are all making memories with loved ones.

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