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Jordan’s 1st disney trip and birthday

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FAMILY VACATION of 2009 We went in time for our grandson Jordans 6th birthday, it was his 1st time in disney and we took his bestfriend “cam” that made the birthday extra special and he had a wonderful time. his brother and sister CHRISTIAN and SAVANNAH are still too small so there were no comments but they had a great time also. The SHERATON VISTANA VILLAGES is a beautiful resort and we had a memorable time (except for me not being able to go online) I did not get any schoolwork done so yes I got in trouble with school, I was thinking I could turn in work and still have play time too but that would not be a true vacation, it just sounds like more work especially with children around to keep me away from homework (and yes I could sware my husband is jealous of my Dell ๐Ÿ™‚         The hotel is internet ready and they have access to computers but I couldn’t see paying 25cents a minute if I had to be on it for a couple of hours. I was disapointed (to put it mildly) and said I wouldn’t be back but I liked the Vistana Resort so “I’LL BE BACK”.
      Well I will be posting my 2010 family vacation when we go so bye for now and I will post any good inexpensive tips I find. God Bless you all and may you and your family have a wonderful summer.  

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