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Is health fitness still in?

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Isn’t it ironic how life always takes a turn when reality comes around and hits you in the face.
     I always battled to gain weight all my life. I mean, my doctor always told me as a child not to be in a hurry to gain weight because one day I’m going to struggle with having to keep a diet or I will be watching my weight. He told me when I got older that I’m going to wish the opposite.  I didn’t think there would be much of a problem since everyone in my family is slim ( I found out the hard way the doctor was right, you DO gain unwanted weight after the glorious days of youth are over)
     Well in my home we have been confronted with health consciousness, and I figure why wait to deal with this later. We am trying to prevent by eating healthy which to me, means DIET and for someone that has always eaten what I wanted this is not good I never taught I would have to be in a diet or watching what we eat, but it isn’t just about appearance, now it is about health issues. I always stayed active… fitness wise, I mean my way of doing that was putting myself through my definition of “grace school “a la”  inexpensive way”:) I did some modeling, in my early 20’s, that kept me in shape and the Jazzercise classes I went to which were a “kill two birds with one stone” deal I  made with myself to keep me focused and motivated.   I loved dancing and I had to work out so Jazzercise was ( in boca raton sugar sands- fieldhouse.   my best bet, I went to the PHIL BLACK dance studio and they were fun, so I guess I did alright then.  One of the students was an 80 year old women that said her doctor had recommended this class for a good exercise regime.


     Physical inactivity causes 1 in 10 deaths from coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, breast and colon cancers and caused more than 5.3 million deaths worldwide in 2008.
     Overall health care system, studies find that obesity accounts for around 168 billion annually in direct costs, totaling almost 17% of U.S medical costs.

Yoga participation has grown 24% a year over the last decade.  The global bicycle industry, including bicycle parts,and accessories is estimated to have a total retail sales of $18 billion.  Sales of herbal supplements in the mass-market retail channel grew15% to nearly $900 million.  Overall retail sales of nutritional supplements in the U.S tops $26.9 billion.  The weight loss and diet control industry was approximately $61 billion in 2011.  Approximately 70% of American adults are concerned about their weight and more than half (53%) are actively trying to lose weight.  Physical appearance is a concern of alot of adults but should this not start being a concern from childhood?

A state law passed in 2007 to combat childhood obesity and requires elementary schools to provide 30 minutes of P.E. everyday but schools in broward & Palm Beach counties offer traditional gym classes only once or twice a week, and in broward 31 schools have no P.E. teachers at all because of budget cuts.   Some schools say they have had to get creative, so parents and teachers agree that children don’t get the required activity.  Some schools are saying that it’s hard to fit the fitness time in because they concentrate on academics first and teachers face pressure for students to score well in the FCAT.  That is why I’m glad  most of our schools changed to healthier eating foods in the school vending machines, I hope they all do.  If our kids don’t get the exercise they need, they might as well eat healthier snacks right?

     The law signed by former Gov.Charlie Christ in 2007 to provide 150 minutes of P.E. per week.  But some schools get around that by counting three minute walks to the cafeteria or classroom. 
     In palm Beach County, some schools use a 30 minute video “adventures of fitness” as a way to comply with the law.  A physical ed planner Eric Stern said he also trains teachers how to incorporate fitness activities into a school day.   EX:  kids skip and jump and learn vocabulary words. Mr. Stren says they’re very creative but have not yet been funded…Sounds like something that should of been funded and hopefully it is by now.  Some schools are doing the 30 min a week but are inconsistent.

     This law isn’t being enforced because of the focuse they are putting into the academic classes. but I would prefer my kids to have a shorter academic class and have them fit in the P.E. the children these days get so much homework that by the time their done they don’t have time to get some physical play time. obesity to me is an issue and so is unhealthyness.  I think health should also be an imperitive issue just as much as the academic classes for our kids.  If they don’t, we have smart kids but they grow to not appreciate or care for their health. The american Heart Association recommends no more than 450 calories a week from sugar-sweetened drinks, I’m sure they have that and more in most schools. sugar drinks are the only foods and beverages that have been directly linked to obesity. In a study of 17,000 americans the average male consumed 175 calories per day in sugar drinks, a female consumed 94, boys 12-19 consumed 273 calories and men 20-39 consumed 252. 

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