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Gardening Therapy

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Hello world,  well this morning I decided to do a little relaxing and Garden Therapy.  I just wish that it did not involve work 🙁 but I guess if I want to get enjoyment from my creation, it will take work to build it. Besides the results of a beautiful view is well worth the work. 

It usually happens everytime, I go out to water and I end up doing a project

Today my relaxing project involved GARDENING (which I love but sometimes gardening feels like the anxiousness equal to having a baby….. you wonder how beautiful they will be when they bloom but you don’t really want it to grow too fast because then you have to start pruning…Gardening is my  moment getaways, I’m not a novice at it but I like to learn & create and enjoy the view.

I wish we could do THAT part with kids… you know….when they are sprouting a bit crooked you can prune a little here & there … you want to say more but you dont want to force it 🙂 because you want them to feel your molding them too much your way, but thank GOD HE takes care of that with a lot of prayer.  Just like HE takes care of my dried up flowers & helps me with the watering & feeding with sunshine and rain when I forget to water or feed.  Which happens often because in FLORIDA you never know when & how long the rain will come. Either gets too much sun or they drown from too much rain so you need to stick to hardy plants. 

I try to do my planting in the rainy season so when the season is over I can see how much they’ve grown.  But sometimes I water and it rains right after, so you see I never know when to water. I dont really mind except for the extra wasted time in watering.  I love the rain & what it brings to both my flowers & the fresh air. not to mention how relaxing I find in listening to the soothing sound of the rain.

Anyhow,  I wanted to give my grandkids a view & have them watch the birds feed so I want to make a little bird feeding station and when it is finished I can sit back & enjoy the tranquility. Planting diffferent colors is favorable & the birds like it.  To me, gardening is a work out (an excuse for not doing anymore working out L.O.L). yes, I should be doing more to get in shape:) you know what doc says “if you don’t use it you loose it” . so what I did was make a garden on both sides of my yard therefore I have to climb stairs up & down.

Gardening and vacationing to Orlando is two of my favorite things to do, so I named my peaceful place “Serenity” then, later on, I started this blog to share vacation ideas with all of you..

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