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Key DiaryOnline Journal

Who would of thought back when I was a kid that we’d be doing online Journals.  When I was a teenager they were diaries.  As I got older I had a boyfriend that used to always carry an agenda book, more like an organizer.  I thought that was cool that he liked doing that. I started to miss my diary days, so doing a journal was the next step.  Plus it keeps me a little more organized.

Also,  we do so much online I figured why not do an online Journal.  So welcome to my online Journal though this time I’ll be sharing my thoughts and (unfortunately, my bad spelling and grammer mistakes) with all of you 🙂 Except that, I can’t get too personal.  But I do like to share my interest and find people like moi.

So if you have a feedback on something to comment, your welcome to share.  And please excuse my mistakes.  My blogging is not very good but I’m learning.   Actually I was not and shouldn’t of gone public till I got this right but thats something I did wrong also, so again I appologize.

Welcome to the happiest place on earth

In this blog I want to share affordable Florida Vacations, Weddings, Romantic Getaways all those things I am sure all of you enjoy and do. I search for them often for myself and since I am passionate about family vacations and the topics I write about hopefully they’ll be helpful and useful for you as well.

So, I want to enjoy as much Florida as I can with my favorite young people, and make as many memories as possible that my Grand kids  and Great Grand kids will remember.  I am not a Born Floridian but moved down in 1989 and I love it here. I grew up in New York (The Big Apple) but I guess I took the beautiful sites for granted because there is so much I never got to enjoy, except for the city. I was too busy with work and small kids then and everything is really expensive for one income alone, so I didn’t have the time or money to do very much . Being here I can take vacations but I still have to watch my budget and who doesn’t?.
Anyway, I will share a bit about me, my interests & my concerns about growing pains, now that I’m Old ER :).  Plus what this beautiful Sunshine State has to offer. There’s so much I would like to see of  Florida still and if you are a born Floridian or know the sunshine state well, by all means please welcome me by giving me some inexpensive tips for family vacations.
 I was a concierge for hotels and working in the hospitality field was kind of my way of getting close to exploring and I would meet and welcome tourist every day from all over the world.  In the same way, I will enjoy writing this blog because it’ll feel like I am exploring Florida it’s beauty and still meeting people.

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